For more than 25 years, Don Guilbeault has been racing. Growing up within earshot of Hudson Speedway, Don got his start turning wrenches for the well-known Dion brothers in the NASCAR Busch North Series. Don was a member of the 1996 championship team. Don has also worked as a mechanic and tire changer for Tom Carey and Denny Doyle. After 14 years, Don left the NASCAR garage to focus on his family and growing his D.R. Guilbeault Air compressor business.

Rock Island Grand Prix Open & Masters 125cc Shifter, Lone Star Grand Prix Stock Honda Light & Heavy, WKA Stock Honda 1&2, WKC Stock Honda 1&2, WKC Stock Leopard 1&2, Championship Enduro Series 125cc Shifter, GearUp Series Manufacturer Champion & Formula Rotax, Northeast Shifter Kart Series KZ & Stock Honda. Impressed?Just wait for 2015. Be part of it –  CLICK TO GO RACING

2014 – Championship Year for DRT

Don may have changed gears, but he certainly didn’t slow down. In 2000 Don got behind the wheel of a kart at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He loved it. Best of all, now his sons Rob and Tyler could be a part of his racing. DRT Racing was born. His older son Rob, while built more for football, shared his dad’s taste for speed. When Tyler turned 8 years old, he cut his teeth on indoor karts. It was obvious, Ty was born to race: karts, BMX, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, whatever.

In 2005, seeing Tyler’s potential, DRT Racing began running the WKA National Road Racing Series. Tyler built on his local success, and won races and a pair of National Championships on many of the country’s best road courses. Today Ty races shifter karts at a regional and national level. Don had a break-through year in 2010 with win after win and a pair of National Championships. Ride with Don at Putnam Park for his favorite race from that season where he beat three of the best road racers in the country: WATCH VIDEO.

Don is committed to karting. He has been an advocate for karters as a WKA Trustee, and a generous national and local sponsor. Don works with some of the best in the sport to bring DRT to the top and offer the best possible expertise to his customers. He works hard to introduce new people to the sport, and help them to run well. And he can do it for you.

If it has wheels...