The Parts You Need to Win.

DRT Racing carries the full line of DR Racing Kart parts. They are manufactured by CRG to the exacting specs and high standards of Danilo Rossi. Most DR parts and components are fully compatible with CRG, GP, Maranello, Mirage and Zanardi karts. DR parts give you the opportunity to easily upgrade components (such as hubs) to stronger, lighter weight magnesium. CONTACT DRT RACING today to learn more.

DRT Racing is an authorized Rotax Service Center and Dealer. That means that we carry all the parts you need at the shop and at the track. But more importantly, those parts come with the winning knowledge you need to get the most out of your racing.

A quick walk through the pits of any track will tell you: AiM Sports MyChron is the gauge and data acquisition tool of choice for most karters. That’s why DRT Racing carries a complete selection of gauges, components, parts and accessories.

CKI karts are the stuff of legend in enduro racing. DRT has raced and won in these outstanding karts for years. In that time we’ve developed a close working relationship with the Klutz brothers. And we’ve also learned a thing or two about how to get the most out of this fine chassis, and how to get the parts you need.

Ray Hook started Blendzall in 1959 specifically for karting. His castor oil formulation has the unique property of being attracted to heat, and thus efficiently reduces wear and increases power. Today Blendzall offers a full line of 4-cycle and 2-stroke products for both gasoline and alcohol, as well as an incredibly effective chain lubricant.

In road racing, often the gearing requirements are beyond what is offered by the engine manufacturer. The Hegar belt drive system overcomes the 16-tooth driver ceiling, affording karters the option of

17 and 18 tooth belt drives for big momentum tracks like Daytona. We carry the full line of Hegar 4 products from their belt drive systems to shifter kart mounts and accessories.

DRT Racing offers Bridgestone, Hoosier, MG, Mojo, Vega racing tires. Which is the best? That depends upon the rules, weather, track, class and preference. No problem. With DRT you’ll always have the best tire because we give you access to all of them.

RLV thoroughly develops and tests all their exhaust and silencer products in their in-house flow bench, inertia dyno and static load dyno facilities. Then each product is track tested by dozens of proven karting champions. This rigorous approach results in the consistent high quality that DRT Racing customers expect.

Be Sure You Always Have the Best Tire